Ghosts Of (3) Christmases Past
by disillusioned
(Deep Thoughts, 2696 views) - 12/26/06
(recorded 12/26/06 @ 3:09:53 AM)
Sometimes a journal is great for broadcasting to the world what your little heart and mind are feeling at any given point in time. But sometimes, it really feels nice to go back and see exactly what the hell you were up to a year... or two... or three ago.

Good memories, some of these:

Christmas Eve '03:
House of Leaves, Fight Club, Christina and nearly killing myself with a VERY stupid maneuver executed poorly, before I was actually decent at driving.

Christmas Day, last year:
Eternal Sunshine ramblings, (which I need to watch again, in keeping with my once-per-year, at holiday time tradition) and not much else.

And probably my favorite entry to reread in a long time, Post-Christmas, '05:
LOTS of absolutely hilarious (to me, and those involved) quotes. And some pleasant memories.

This holiday season seems to have gone by in slow motion. Nothing terribly consequential or outstanding, but more of the same isn't a terrible thing.

Exciting things approach. And we'll be back to Christmas '07 in no time.

Crazy, that.
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Ooh, there was a jamhouse quote in there.

Ah, the memories. Before someone went and got married and tried to pull off a faux-hawk.

No one looks good with hair like that. Not Jesus, not Baby Jesus, not anyone.

   [enlite (J :: M) 12/26/06 1:57 PM]

I like how you switched identities for this note...

Yeah, jamhouse made me smile a lot.

Man, was that cool.

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 12/26/06 2:00 PM]

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