Conquering Writer's Block
by resplendence
(Humor, 1732 views) - 6/12/03
(recorded 6/12/03 @ 11:51:53 AM)
It's a terrible thing when words won't flow and, lately, I have found this issue to be quite disturbing. The ability to express my feelings/thoughts in written form has helped me through many a tough time and has saved me from saying something incorrectly (as I'm often known to do). To lose that gift would be devastating to me. So, today I decided I needed to reclaim my words. I decided that this could best be accomplished by locating the origin of the mental block: my brain. Good, I was making headway already. Now that I understood where the problem was, I simply needed to isolate it and destroy,but how?

Option 1: Drink Alcohol
Killing some of my unneeded brain cells seemed a clever solution to the problem. It could loosen me up; help those creative juices flow. Then again I didn't want to destroy my brain (contrary to popular belief: I do use it, sometimes), and besides the thought of me drunk is just scary, so?

Option 2: Attempt Writing A Song
Maybe I just needed to exercise my writing ability. I usually write pretty good lyrics, so I thought that trying this might help:

Verse1: Another day meets me
The sun to greet me
Will I just let it all go by?

Okay, that sucked. Moving on?

Option 3: Attempt Writing A Children's Book

Page1: Another day meets me and the sun greets me.
Illustration: Sun with smiley face and speech bubble saying "Hello!"

I decided it best to stop there. All options had failed, miserably. Suddenly, something sparked inside me and I realized that solution I had been looking for was in front of me the whole time:

Option 4: Write A Musing For on Conquering Writer's Block

After it's completion, I'm still not sure if I'm entirely cured. I'm not even sure if the musing was a success, after all, it was probably just my incoherent rambling about not finding anything coherent to write. The only thing that I'm sure of at this point is that Option 1 is starting to sound better all the time, especially to whoever had to read this.

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Haha, very nice...
I hope some of those methods work... although I know others on this site would be more than willing to try option one, having read your musing or not. Creatively written, though. Nicely done.

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 6/12/03 12:21 PM]

Very nice. Creative and Original! What else would would we expect? Seriously I found it cute. It had a very nice tone to it. Props for making me feel good!


   [Diffused (J) 6/13/03 11:40 PM]

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