To Fall Gracefully Is Something Beyond You
by resplendence
(Matters of the Heart, 1750 views) - 7/2/03
(recorded 7/2/03 @ 10:54:57 AM)
Maybe the box opened too quickly and too many of your evils escaped; and only love remained tucked away and hidden from human eyes. Maybe everything was evident from the outset (at least to the observer), but these eyes found themselves blinded by the light you feigned for me. How could you have been confused with an angel (pasted wings and foiled rings do not an angel make)? How quickly the desire to hear you breathe turned to a dial tone, yet that sound brought more peace than your voice. Far too many moments passed before the truth set in. If only those wasted minutes could be collected and all my pieces returned.

It's amazing how much brighter the sky is without you.

You, the only star in my universe, burned out and fell violently from the heavens (to fall gracefully is something beyond you). How many more skies will you fall from? Someday your own flames will burn you. There is a desire inside me to witness this event, if only your appearance were bearable.

It's amazing how much brighter the sky is without you.
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"It’s amazing how much brighter the sky is without you. " - Ha! I love that line... Good piece, indeed... This applies to too many 'innocent' girls who thought too much about something until they convinced themselves it wasn't for them, or that they could do better...

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 7/2/03 10:58 AM]

love it.

   [amnesiac (J) 7/6/03 1:01 PM]

Good job. That is cool.

   [TCcookie (J) 7/7/03 2:36 PM]

wow. i am amazed.

   [je_ne_sais_quoi (J) 7/9/03 9:30 PM]

"Some day your own flames will burn you." You don't know how true that is. and on the "innocent" girl's still true.

   [Cauterize (J) 7/19/03 11:10 PM]

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