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The faintest whisper...3/17/09
I'm no dragon.7/27/08
The Hard Sell5/21/07
Ghosts Of (3) Christmases Past12/26/06
Theoretical December12/2/06
Cisco, I Miss You10/21/06
Little, white myopia.9/26/06
Off the beaten path...8/19/06
The most important thing...3/28/06
How To Write: One Man's Opinion11/28/05
The Lazy Saturday11/4/05
Flowers for Algernon9/19/05
The Cello's Tears9/11/05
Happy Birthday, Ashleigh!9/9/05
Taking chances tonight, I need a fix in those heroin eyes...8/19/05
Album of the Week: Frances the Mute (The Mars Volta)7/12/05
Perhaps a puzzle.6/25/05
Tonight, I lived a metaphor...5/14/05
My Manual For Everything4/14/05
Chop chop3/30/05
Soup Secrets2/5/05
The long tail...1/18/05
When 10 and 2 fail you...1/4/05
My shift as the lighthouse...12/20/04
Smoking awesome!12/15/04
Some day, we'll remember...12/10/04
To the yellows, pinks and oranges...12/1/04
Happy Birthday, Chrismiss!!!11/17/04
One should be measured by their reasoncount...11/4/04
A year of growth, discovery, booze, women, villany, and ninjaness...10/22/04
It's cold, it's wet, and there shall be tea.10/21/04
When darkness finds its way to you, can you imagine me there?10/13/04
An underlying constant...9/26/04
Ruth, this is unacceptable.9/23/04
Without center, but I'm... okay? Hardly.9/15/04
51st & Main9/5/04
With nervous smiles lingering, we attacked the day...7/30/04
When I feel like this, I tend to write poorly...6/15/04
If you were a perfume, your name would be "Butterflies"5/25/04
This is our slippery slope, our point of no return...5/23/04
Examinations in Ultra-Formal Tone...4/12/04
Something about strawberries...4/8/04
"It's Only *College*"...3/28/04
Phil phil phil phil phil...3/23/04
I saw that look...3/20/04
From the ink well...3/5/04
A Valentine's Day Haiku2/13/04
Too little, too late...1/8/04
Candy store, ablaze...12/26/03
An Ode To Phil12/20/03
Popular Culture and Calvin & Hobbes12/9/03
Lucid, departed11/23/03
Abandon ship now...11/21/03
Your silly attempt to sleep is futile, you see...11/16/03
Most beautiful, serene11/9/03
Point-Counterpoint: The Matrix Revolutions11/5/03
Here's a thought, if you're willing to listen...10/23/03
To a friend through it all, today is yours...10/22/03
My Resignation, The Concept of "Mattering"10/21/03
"Three Claps"10/20/03
When the truth is... I miss you...10/8/03
So I'll check the weather, wherever you are...9/30/03
A tale of survival and heroism: The Ginger Story9/26/03
Long after bedtime, I will wake up and sit crosslegged watching you...9/23/03
eyes meet, heart beats, skips quickly, again9/4/03
Enigmatic at best...9/1/03
Are you hanging on for hope?8/25/03
Through Thick and Thin: A Tail Of Unconditional Love [sic]8/24/03
Love, Chris8/12/03
Bad Poetry8/2/03
Wake with tears, sleep with smiles...7/14/03
The dreams in which I'm dying are the very best I've had...7/12/03
Of cold thunderstorms, and hot cocoa...7/3/03
I wish it were just that easy...6/10/03
Perfection Through Silence...6/7/03
The Trigger6/5/03
The Sunburst6/3/03
Ring once more, once more...6/2/03
On the humorous nature of peanut butter6/2/03
My life goal, unfulfilled5/30/03
Love, obsession, infatuation: An analysis of0/0/00

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