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i ::heart:: nyCurrent Events-Relatedby amnesiac
Sources of ConflictCurrent Events-Relatedby Diffused
1 week...Current Events-Relatedby noprotein
feminazi? fine. call me what you will.Current Events-Relatedby amnesiac
So um... byeCurrent Events-Relatedby enlite
the future of an institutionCurrent Events-Relatedby amnesiac
more pressing matters...Current Events-Relatedby amnesiac
The Thuper BowlCurrent Events-Relatedby enlite
Soul and SalsaCurrent Events-Relatedby TCcookie
Real MusingCurrent Events-Relatedby noprotein
A Nation DividedCurrent Events-Relatedby enlite
not dead yet.Current Events-Relatedby amnesiac
This is our slippery slope, our point of no return...Current Events-Relatedby disillusioned
MovingCurrent Events-Relatedby noprotein
the state of the union and the countries it occupiesCurrent Events-Relatedby amnesiac
A state of despondent melancholy and discontentCurrent Events-Relatedby noprotein
Ghosts Of (3) Christmases PastDeep Thoughtsby disillusioned
One should be measured by their reasoncount...Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
The Basics of LifeDeep Thoughtsby Narcissus
St. Angst Around My NeckDeep Thoughtsby Neofascist
I wonder..Deep Thoughtsby noprotein
"I guess I'll see you around"Deep Thoughtsby enlite
That's my arm, not a toyDeep Thoughtsby noprotein
Title dissapearedDeep Thoughtsby noprotein
When darkness finds its way to you, can you imagine me there?Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
Season of Infinite Beauty (Love)Deep Thoughtsby resplendence
Perfection Through Silence...Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
The dreams in which I'm dying are the very best I've had...Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
Save The World, Lose The Girl (The Death of a Hero)Deep Thoughtsby resplendence
Damper on thingsDeep Thoughtsby noprotein
31 HoursDeep Thoughtsby Diffused
human testingDeep Thoughtsby Sliced Ice
To the yellows, pinks and oranges...Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
Lucid, departedDeep Thoughtsby disillusioned
My Resignation, The Concept of "Mattering"Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
Maybe Just OneDeep Thoughtsby Chillax
I'm no dragon.Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
Without center, but I'm... okay? Hardly.Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
The Nose KnowsDeep Thoughtsby enlite
Unfamiliar TerritoryDeep Thoughtsby Narcissus
Love, ChrisDeep Thoughtsby disillusioned
The Insignificancies of EndingsDeep Thoughtsby resplendence
Red Light / Green Light, only permanentDeep Thoughtsby enlite
just watchDeep Thoughtsby Sliced Ice
The faintest whisper...Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
Sometimes.Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
HypocrisyDeep Thoughtsby TCcookie
Are you hanging on for hope?Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
Almost a regret for Christmas' endDeep Thoughtsby enlite
TreesDeep Thoughtsby Sliced Ice
Perhaps a puzzle.Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
Synapse DisturbanceDeep Thoughtsby enlite
Loss...Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
Theoretical DecemberDeep Thoughtsby disillusioned
When 10 and 2 fail you...Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
feelingsDeep Thoughtsby noprotein
My Manual For EverythingDeep Thoughtsby disillusioned
nice guysDeep Thoughtsby amnesiac
Flowers for AlgernonDeep Thoughtsby disillusioned
When You Set Yourself On Fire, People Love To Come and See You Burn.Deep Thoughtsby resplendence
With nervous smiles lingering, we attacked the day...Deep Thoughtsby disillusioned
A Mis-understandingDeep Thoughtsby enlite
A Mixed Relationship: Nature and PeopleDeep Thoughtsby Diffused
This is the end, beautiful friendDramaby noprotein
Mawage! (Marriage/sexin it up.. read, discuss)Dramaby noprotein
HypocracyDramaby noprotein
Ring once more, once more...Dramaby disillusioned
A Place for ''Hypocrisy''Dramaby TCcookie
Between laziness and apathy and forgetfulnessDramaby noprotein
An underlying constant...Everything Elseby disillusioned
Little, white myopia.Everything Elseby disillusioned
CYOA for the 21st CenturyEverything Elseby amnesiac
Quotes from literature you've probably never heard quoted.Everything Elseby Esperando
A Brief Guide to the Valley's Latin Radio LandscapeEverything Elseby TCcookie
untitledEverything Elseby amnesiac
My New IM PolicyEverything Elseby TCcookie
save the drama for your mamaEverything Elseby amnesiac
New THC DrawingsEverything Elseby enlite
it's a crazy crazy worldEverything Elseby amnesiac
soml tracks 2 & 3Everything Elseby amnesiac
the things i think no one knowsEverything Elseby amnesiac
of old and newEverything Elseby amnesiac
Soup SecretsEverything Elseby disillusioned
the conversation in my headEverything Elseby amnesiac
relating the unrelated and what is good artEverything Elseby amnesiac
The SunburstEverything Elseby disillusioned
here i amEverything Elseby amnesiac
A "Guide" to Mindless Repetition... for Fun and ProfitEverything Elseby TCcookie
The most important thing...Everything Elseby disillusioned
Creative Writing Project #3Everything Elseby enlite
Death of Jen's chopsticksEverything Elseby Narcissus
dreaming of you...or something like thatEverything Elseby amnesiac
soundtrack of my life - track 1Everything Elseby amnesiac
for you to hear me I have to speakEverything Elseby amnesiac
Game to kill timeEverything Elseby Sliced Ice
Popular Culture and Calvin & HobbesEverything Elseby disillusioned
how not to do things - or the vignette about cars and housesEverything Elseby amnesiac
The Lazy SaturdayEverything Elseby disillusioned
Abandon ship now...Everything Elseby disillusioned
From the ink well...Everything Elseby disillusioned
Crimson RoomEverything Elseby Sliced Ice
A Witness to Conception.Everything Elseby surrogate sonance
To our visitors from SlashdotEverything Elseby noprotein
part 2 of the treeEverything Elseby Sliced Ice
How To Write: One Man's OpinionEverything Elseby disillusioned
Juicy Whip ScrewdriversEverything Elseby Diffused
things change we changeEverything Elseby amnesiac
My drawings are finally online!Everything Elseby enlite
don't get any ideas.Everything Elseby amnesiac
CourtshipEverything Elseby Sliced Ice
My life goal, unfulfilledHumorby disillusioned
A New Contest for OIO Members!Humorby Diffused
"It's Only *College*"...Humorby disillusioned
Point-Counterpoint: The Matrix RevolutionsHumorby disillusioned
On the humorous nature of peanut butterHumorby disillusioned
A Short StoryHumorby enlite
The Waiting GameHumorby Narcissus
Smoking awesome!Humorby disillusioned
The Best Part About Owning WickerHumorby enlite
you all remember Wheres Waldo right?Humorby Sliced Ice
i think its called a flash bombHumorby Sliced Ice
Why can't I buy condoms in bulk?Humorby Diffused
Examinations in Ultra-Formal Tone...Humorby disillusioned
The Second Best Part About Owning WickerHumorby enlite
its getting to be that time of year againHumorby Sliced Ice
"Three Claps"Humorby disillusioned
another random gameHumorby Sliced Ice
A tale of survival and heroism: The Ginger StoryHumorby disillusioned
Your silly attempt to sleep is futile, you see...Humorby disillusioned
Phil: A Birthday GiftHumorby Diffused
Dear USPSHumorby Diffused
Conquering Writer's BlockHumorby resplendence
Would you?Humorby Sliced Ice
Here's a change! I promise!Humorby enlite
rubber duckyHumorby Sliced Ice
Me and my kittyMatters of the Heartby noprotein
Enigmatic at best...Matters of the Heartby disillusioned
Ode to Kaytee...Matters of the Heartby noprotein
Some day, we'll remember...Matters of the Heartby disillusioned
If I AmMatters of the Heartby resplendence
Still Not A PlayerMatters of the Heartby noprotein
Long after bedtime, I will wake up and sit crosslegged watching you...Matters of the Heartby disillusioned
Candy store, ablaze...Matters of the Heartby disillusioned
What's worse and why do I get the vicious cycle.Matters of the Heartby noprotein
One hundred and eleven daysMatters of the Heartby enlite
relationshitsMatters of the Heartby Sliced Ice
Want Ad: Man Seeking WomanMatters of the Heartby resplendence
Why I Hate Gay People (serious)Matters of the Heartby enlite
When I feel like this, I tend to write poorly...Matters of the Heartby disillusioned
Here's a thought, if you're willing to listen...Matters of the Heartby disillusioned
I misplaced itMatters of the Heartby enlite
I wish it were just that easy...Matters of the Heartby disillusioned
Love, obsession, infatuation: An analysis ofMatters of the Heartby disillusioned
Standards and Compromising Our Lives AwayMatters of the Heartby resplendence
I was a hopeful fool againMatters of the Heartby enlite
Wake with tears, sleep with smiles...Matters of the Heartby disillusioned
You may say I\'m a dreamer...Matters of the Heartby Wildfire
I want my kisses back from youMatters of the Heartby Narcissus
So I'll check the weather, wherever you are...Matters of the Heartby disillusioned
relationship terms as translated by a friend and IMatters of the Heartby amnesiac
The Hardest Things (My Apology)Matters of the Heartby resplendence
To Fall Gracefully Is Something Beyond YouMatters of the Heartby resplendence
The Detachment Will Hold Us TogetherMatters of the Heartby resplendence
Exit Tree, Enter BoyMatters of the Heartby Sliced Ice
satisfactionMusicby Sliced Ice
Favorite Songs of the 90'sMusicby Sliced Ice
States of ExistenceMusicby Diffused
The Cello's TearsMusicby disillusioned
music makes the people come togetherMusicby amnesiac
Off the beaten path...Musicby disillusioned
seven pm dreamsOneiricby enlite
Something about strawberries...Oneiricby disillusioned
Marley Building NightmareOneiricby Narcissus
Taking chances tonight, I need a fix in those heroin eyes...Oneiricby disillusioned
My son sang todayOneiricby Narcissus
When I Dream, I Live Our Life That Could've BeenOneiricby resplendence
This is for the DreamersOneiricby enlite
A Beautiful Girl in a Strange HouseOneiricby Narcissus
I saw that look...Oneiricby disillusioned
It's just you.Personby enlite
People are weirdPersonby noprotein
My worst love affairPersonby enlite
Hey Buuuuuuuudy!Personby noprotein
may he go peacefullyPersonby amnesiac
Too little, too late...Personby disillusioned
You've changed my life, and it's only 7:15!Personby Narcissus
When the truth is... I miss you...Personby disillusioned
Through Thick and Thin: A Tail Of Unconditional Love [sic]Personby disillusioned
Enlitened...Personby disillusioned
I feel unconsciousPersonby enlite
Phil phil phil phil phil...Personby disillusioned
Duh, Happy Burfday Nicole!Personby noprotein
all there is.Personby amnesiac
To a friend through it all, today is yours...Personby disillusioned
My only daughterPersonby enlite
Inner OutercoursePersonby enlite
Why do i delay?Personby noprotein
The Break-Up PostPersonby enlite
Happy Birthday, Chrismiss!!!Personby disillusioned
Most beautiful, serenePersonby disillusioned
on the outsidePersonby amnesiac
Cisco, I Miss YouPersonby disillusioned
my girlPersonby Sliced Ice
My sisterPersonby noprotein
My shift as the lighthouse...Personby disillusioned
Happy Birthday, Ashleigh!Personby disillusioned
I would call you Betsy.Personby Esperando
Buying friendship. Cheap.Personby Narcissus
whatever happened to the way things used to be?Personby amnesiac
I Shot the AlbatrossPersonby Narcissus
Martin Luther KingPersonby noprotein
We call it ramblingPersonby enlite
Canis, Can-I-Say Happy Birthday!?Personby noprotein
Chenny Boy B-day!!Personby noprotein
Birthday card to taryn! (sign it lazy bastard)Personby noprotein
A lot of people will take this the wrong way.Personby enlite
With your feet in two separate boats, I'll push you away so you won't fall inPersonby Narcissus
A year of growth, discovery, booze, women, villany, and ninjaness...Personby disillusioned
angela's songPersonby enlite
who you've been all alongPersonby amnesiac
I love you.Personby Wildfire
My best friend Marmie.Personby Esperando
Because it's hard to recognize your own prejudices earlyPersonby Narcissus
"Why We Hate Bush"Personby noprotein
tales of a revolving doorPersonby amnesiac
If you were a perfume, your name would be "Butterflies"Personby disillusioned
when parents become humanPersonby amnesiac
51st & MainPersonby disillusioned
This is the sort of thing you delete the next day when sense returnsPersonby enlite
An Ode To PhilPersonby disillusioned
The lotus and the plumPersonby Narcissus
"We should totally rip people off more often... ooh, Marie Calanders"Placeby enlite
This town isn't my destination, but I'm going to start calling it homePlaceby Narcissus
Tonight, I lived a metaphor...Placeby disillusioned
A last attempt, on your birthday.Placeby enlite
A Trip to ChinaPlaceby TCcookie
Weekend Get-awayPlaceby enlite
When she leaned over and kissed me.Placeby resplendence
It's cold, it's wet, and there shall be tea.Placeby disillusioned
Watching bubbles rise...Placeby enlite
Rock me one more timePlaceby enlite
A Limited SkyPlaceby resplendence
The DefoliationPlaceby enlite
The long tail...Placeby disillusioned
"Depressing News" --or-- "SFO2"Placeby enlite
Of cold thunderstorms, and hot cocoa...Poetry/Lyricsby disillusioned
That Was ThenPoetry/Lyricsby resplendence
You Reveal These Tears As Drops From Your SkyPoetry/Lyricsby resplendence
Enchant a noble cause, give it some reason.Poetry/Lyricsby enlite
AmplifiedPoetry/Lyricsby resplendence
You're on the beach / this is your dayPoetry/Lyricsby enlite
Night of Day DreamsPoetry/Lyricsby enlite
ValentinePoetry/Lyricsby resplendence
I Can't Say That I'm SorryPoetry/Lyricsby resplendence
Sonnet IPoetry/Lyricsby resplendence
eyes meet, heart beats, skips quickly, againPoetry/Lyricsby disillusioned
Your Goodnight SongPoetry/Lyricsby resplendence
I wonder if you ever really wanted it this way...Poetry/Lyricsby resplendence
The TriggerPoetry/Lyricsby disillusioned
Let Me SpeakPoetry/Lyricsby resplendence
ShatterPoetry/Lyricsby resplendence
My SunrisePoetry/Lyricsby resplendence
Bad PoetryPoetry/Lyricsby disillusioned
Forgotten LovePoetry/Lyricsby resplendence
So AlivePoetry/Lyricsby resplendence
A Valentine's Day HaikuPoetry/Lyricsby disillusioned
Do you even remember?Rantsby enlite
Vlad the RussianRantsby Chillax
White Christmas for the ArizonanRantsby Esperando
Overthought—Almost Lost ReligionRantsby enlite
love me? HARantsby Sliced Ice
Alexander the GreatReviewsby enlite
Everyone's been talking about it...Reviewsby enlite
Album of the Week: Frances the Mute (The Mars Volta)Reviewsby disillusioned
The Hard SellSatireby disillusioned
Chop chopSatireby disillusioned
Ruth, this is unacceptable.Satireby disillusioned

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